Our mosaic of vines is getting bigger!

Caiarossa is deeply rooted within the Riparbella territory and strongly believes in its mission to become a new wine production leader from the Tuscan Coast.


Over recent years, by increasing investment and developing and carrying out new projects in the territory, we have strengthened this bond with Riparbella. We did it mainly by expanding the vineyards and intensifying efforts and energies to give the name of Riparbella worldwide recognition through our wines.


Currently, Caiarossa’s vineyards extend for 31 hectares (31 acres), divided into two main areas: Podere Serra all’Olio and Nocolino. The second one has raised a growing interest in the Technical Team thanks to its territorial characteristics. It is a clayey-marly and volcanic origin soil situated 350 metres above sea level that receives constant ventilation from the sea, which is just a few kilometres away.

Thanks to its particular qualities, we decided to expand our vineyards right here last year, just a few steps away from what we call Nocolino 1. We planted the last Syrah vine shoots a few weeks ago.

The total surface of Nocolino 2 spreads for 6.6 hectares, and it is divided into 13 plots. The selected varieties are

  • Sangiovese,
  • Cabernet Franc,
  • Cabernet Sauvignon,
  • Syrah,

and a new variety that we have never used at Caiarossa, called Il Vermentino, typical of the Italian Mediterranean coast, covering just over 0.5 hectares. Our mosaic is now complete with a total of about 38 hectares and 60 pieces.

The number of plants is 6350 per hectare, and they will be trained by the Guyot method. Now we just have to take care of them and wait for them to begin delivering their fruits in a few years…




If you want to know more about our vineyards you can watch this video fully dedicated to the analysis of our soils.