Biodynamic Prep 500

This preparation is a humus mixture, prepared by filling the cow horns with cow manure. The prep is made during the fall, burying those horns, it is left to decompose during the winter and recovered to use the following spring. When it is ready, after 4 months, it should have turned into dark humus and should be sweet smelling. Before being sprayed, it is stirred for an hour to reach its full potential, simulating the earth’s rotation. This operation adds energy to the finished prep. Very small amounts are then sprayed over the vineyard soil, during the descending phase of the moon.

The prep BD 500 is powerful structuring the soil, stimulating soil microbial activity and production of humus, regulating the pH balance of the soil, stimulating seed germination and root development, increasing depth of root systems.


preparazione 500 presso le Macchiole Ott (2)Upreparazione 500 presso le Macchiole Ott (5)