Earth Day 2022 – La giornata della Terra 2022

Earth Day was born in the 70s to create awareness among the world’s population on environmental safeguarding issues. By taking responsibility and paying attention to small daily activities, we can help save the planet, and today is a good day to start.

So, let’s try to:

  • turn off the flow of water while we brush our teeth or take a shower,
  • let’s commit ourselves to waste sorting,
  • we can maybe walk or cycle to work or use sustainable transport,
  • let’s buy zero kilometres or organic products or invest our energies in a small vegetable garden, we can promise a huge satisfaction at the first picked tomato,
  • let’s look for ways to recycle clothes or objects turning them into something new and beautiful.

At Caiarossa, respecting the environment has always been a fundamental value since its foundation in 1998. For this reason, we have been following the principles of Biodynamics from the very beginning. To adhere to this philosophy means investing energy and knowledge to create a harmonious relationship between Nature and Man. One of the main goals is to increase the vitality and resilience of the soil through the use of our compost, green manure and biodynamic preparations, including the most important preparation 500 known as horn manure. For us, growing vines according to the principles of Biodynamic Agriculture means loving our land and trying to respect its ecosystem and its natural rhythms.

All these operations, and some others, including caring about 14 beehives, also help to control erosion, the development of biodiversity and disease management. We carry out preventive actions on the vines and stimulate their natural defences. We also work with treatments based on various plants or seaweed, natural mineral substances such as Equisetum and the use of ” mating disruption ” to contain the insect population in the vineyard.


Follow us to learn more about every activity throughout the year, or come visit us; we will be happy to take you to discover the world of Caiarossa.