God Save the Bees!

God save the bees!

Today we celebrate International Bee Day, first established in 2017 to educate the world’s population about the vital role of pollinating insects.


Various reasons have led to a drastic decline in the number of bees and other pollinating insects, including:

– the use of chemical pesticides and fungicides

– monoculture

– pollution

– climate change.

With its 20,000 species, bees are co-responsible for pollinating about 2/3 of the global agricultural production.

If bees disappear, biodiversity would be severely damaged, and the overall ecosystem would be at risk. Should this happen, we would risk extinction within a few years.

For this reason, in Caiarossa, since 2016, we have started to invest time and resources in a small bee community, counting today 14 hives. We manage our farm organically with a team of exceptional beekeepers: Simona and Stefano from Farm FiorDaFiore.

Thanks to their help, we also produce our precious Macchia Mediterranea honey that you can taste every time you visit us.


But our commitment to bees has not ended with these activities.

The cultivation of vines is a monoculture, but at Caiarossa, we try to create balance and harmony by implementing various solutions:

– First and foremost, the farm covers about 110 hectares, of which about 40 are vineyards. Mediterranean scrub, hedges of different flowers, olive trees and some fruit trees extend for the rest.

– The use of green manure in all our vineyards by sowing different plants boosting biodiversity

– The absolute non-use of synthetic pesticides and fungicides

– Following biodynamic practices in the vineyard to grow vines while respecting Nature as much as possible.

Let us remember that we are active players in our world, and each of us can do something to make it better.