The Petit Manseg harvest and its road towards the Oro

Our Oro (Gold) is sweetly resting in the cellar. On October the 12th we harvested our Petit Manseng, 13 rows cultivated in Podere Serra all’Olio for a total of 1879 plants, on a little parcel of calcareous soil. The choice of harvesting in October is a risky choice that we gladly take to make a unique product: Oro di Caiarossa. The weather conditions for this wine are critical because, if we have good ones, the result will be sweet grapes with a lot of aromatic complexity thanks to the “noble rot” (Botrytis Cinerea). On the other hand, adverse conditions can prevent the harvest from taking place. Petit Manseng is a native variety from the French Pyrenees that we have selected for its particular characteristics:

  • thick skin that resists the attack of Botrytis Cinerea;
  • very high acidity which is well maintained during the ripening;
  • sparse berries that hold less humidity.

The process to obtain Oro di Caiarossa is also quite particular.

The bunch is pressed without destemming it and the juice is let rest one day long (static decantation) to prevent the development of unpleasant aromatic compounds. Later on, we transfer the wine into barriques where alcoholic fermentation happens until it reaches 12 – 12.5% alcohol content. At this point we stop alcoholic fermentation (mutage) to have a residual sugar ranging between 70 and 100 g/L.

Therefore, the wine continues his aging in barriques for a period of about 10 months. The combination between unique characteristics and the vinification process create a product with a perfect harmony between sweetness, acidity and aromatic complexity.