Vintage 2020

Climatic Conditions

Winter 2020 was milder and drier than in 2019. On the other hand, October and November 2019 recorded copious rainfall which allowed to store a very important water reserve for the following season. The budding and the following flowering were regular thanks to a cool and rainy March and warm temperatures with average rainfalls recorded in April and May. The summer season was characterized by some very rainy days at the beginning of June followed by two dry months, with average temperatures until the end of August.


The Harvest 2020

The 2020 harvest was shorter than usual, it began on August 12th harvesting the Chardonnay from Nocolino vineyards ending on September 21st by bringing the last bunches of Petit Verdot to the cellar. The selection in the vineyard has been extremely important as we work with 47 plots, 10 varieties, and very heterogeneous soils and each microzone follows different ripening dynamics.

We observed an increase in the average yields with 13% at Podere Serra all’Olio and 40% at Podere Nocolino, recording around 35 HL per hectare. On the whole, we spotted a very high quality of the grapes, with perfectly ripe tannins, average alcohol, and good acidity. “It seems we will have wines with a strong personality, plenty of generosity, opulence, but at the same time with a very distinctive freshness”. The thoughts on this vintage of our oenologists Marco Lipparini and Francesco Villa