News from the vineyard – Cover Crop

Right after the harvest we selected and planted different kinds of organic seeds: Kamut, Alfalfa, Clover, Mustard, Wheat, Broad Bean. They will naturally fertilize the soil and avoid its erosion.
In detail, each different seed has been selected for a particular aim.
Kamut and Wheat, being part of the grass family, are mainly used to control the erosion thanks to their specific roots features. They are also rich in carbon, that combined with nitrogen, is useful to maintain the right balance in the soil microbiology helping the humus formation. Clover, Alfalfa and Broad Bean are nitrogen fixersMustard, thanks to its large and deep root helps to manage the texture of the clay soil, which otherwise tends to compact.

Later in the season, these plants will keep on helping us as they attract a large variety of insects ensuring a natural regulation within the insect population that surrounds the vines.