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Dynamizer and dynamization!

06 May 2023

Dynamization is an essential operation in the biodynamic approach.

The container, or dynamizer, must conform to specific requirements, including the material, height/width ratio, and shape.

At Caiarossa, the dynamization container (stirring machine) is made from copper, cylindrical with a rounded bottom.

It can hold up to 160 litres, which will be used to work 4 hectares of vineyards.

During the dynamization process, we use rainwater to add the various preparations according to what is necessary at the time, for example, 500 or 501.

The water is heated to around 37°, a similar temperature to the human body.

A double arm, part of the machine, blends the water with the preparation by creating an energetic vortex and then, by reversing the direction of rotation, a break and chaos.

The “chaos” is crucial as it is the moment when all forces converge, and the elements are activated. At the end of this operation, which lasts about 60 minutes, the preparation is filtered and sprayed in the vineyard.

Il Dinamizzatore e la dinamizzazione!