CAIAROSSA Riparbella Toscana
Grappa di Caiarossa

Grappa di Caiarossa


Created by distilling the grape pomace from grapes used in our 2008 Caiarossa blend.



After racking, the pomace is gently pressed and immediatelysent to the distillery. After distillation, the grappa is aged for 22months in French oak barrels, which were previously used tomake Oro di Caiarossa. The wood gives the grappa its typicalamber colour, an intense bouquet and a full, rounded taste.Once distilled, the grappa spends 22 months in oak barriques previously used for the production of Oro di Caiarossa. Not only does the wood /end a characteristic color to the grappa, but a/so an intense bouquet and a
harmonious rounded taste.
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Vintage 2008

Premature start to the season and average rainfall in March and April. May and June were characterised by heavier rainfall, which created some difficulties for the loss-sensitive varieties (Merlot, Sangiovese and Alicante). From 20 June to mid-October, a very dry summer with only one significant rainfall per month (on the 15th or 16th of each month it rained!). Temperatures were slightly above average. All the conditions were achieved so that the grapes ripened well and were very small, and very concentrated. In summary, 2008 was a year of great quality but with low yields.

“The colourful spirit of Caiarossa”.

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